An Ultimate Guide to Apple Card: Benefits, Features, and How to Apply


What is an Apple Card? Apple released the Apple Card in 2019 in partnership with Goldman Sachs. It is a credit card that links to Apple Pay. An Apple device like iPhone or iPad includes the Apple Pay option. You can link the card to your Apple device and make transactions as you would when you use any other credit card.

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How to apply for the Apple Card

All you need to do to sign up for an Apple Card is to open your Wallet app, tap on Apple Card, and follow the steps. Information will be inserted from your Apple I.D. You may have to supply additional information such as your annual income. You may also need to scan your state I.D. or driver’s license. Signing up through the Apple website is another option.

You have to qualify for the Apple Card in the same way as for any other credit card. This means fulfilling certain eligibility criteria. For example, Apple Card is only available for U.S. citizens or lawful U.S. residents at present. As soon as your application is approved digital payments are immediately available. Apple will also ship you a physical titanium card.

How to activate your Apple Card

“How do I get an Apple Card?” This is a question often asked that is answered above. Another common question is “How do I activate my card?” Apple Card activation is easy. To activate the card you simply follow the steps provided on the packaging it arrived in. You may want to know how to activate an Apple Card without packaging. Under Titanium Card in your Wallet, you will find a Do Not Have Card Packaging option. It will give you instructions to activate your card. If you want to know how to activate Apple card without iPhone you can use any other iOS device that has a Wallet. 

How to make payments

How does the Apple credit card work? You can set it as your default card for making payments. To make a purchase in a store, you will double-click the Side button on your iPhone. Then you simply choose Apple Card and authenticate to pay. If you want to use Apple Pay on an online store, tap the Apple Pay symbol at checkout and follow the prompts. So there are actually two types of Apple cards – a physical card and a virtual card.

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Apple Credit Card benefits

  • The physical card has a magnetic strip, the RFID chip, and the holder’s name. It doesn’t have a CVV, card number, or expiration date. You can find these in the app if you need them.
  • One of the best Apple Card features is getting cash back. When you make purchases with your Apple Card you will get cashback of 1% credited immediately to your card. Making purchases at the App Store with your Apple Pay Account gives you cash back of 3% credited immediately to your account. To get cash back rewards straight away you must sign up to Apple Cash.
  • The Apple Pay app helps you to keep track of what you spend. It will show your purchase history and you can even see where you made your purchase with a pin on Apple Maps. The transactions are marked with color codes for different categories of expenses. A weekly or monthly summary of what you spend with color codes is very useful for budgeting purposes.
  • You will receive immediate notifications for any transactions you make using the Apple Credit Card. Apple has built-in tools that flag fraudulent purchases and you will receive an unusual spending alert.
  • The Apple Card billing cycle allows you to pay your bills on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. You can see what interest you have to pay when using the different payment methods.

Fees, interest rates, and charges 

You don’t have to pay any Apple Card annual fee. There are also no cash advance fees, over-limit fees, or late charges.

Does Apple Card charge interest? The interest rate on your card will depend on your credit score. If you maintain a high credit score, you get a better interest rate. The interest rate will be between 13.24% and 24.24% per annum. The app offers tips to help you pay off bills faster to avoid increased interest rates.

The Apple card titanium cost is zero and you don’t pay a fee for replacing it if you lose it. 


There are many benefits to making use of an Apple credit card. It’s easy to sign up, you get cash back, and there are no annual fees. It’s easy to manage your budget as you can track what you spend and pay out. Your transactions are secure and you can use the card worldwide where Mastercard is accepted.